BMC version 1.5VFS-1 BMC v1.5 #40051

Version 1.5 of the BMC has proved itself at the ROAR Carpet Nationals with 3 TQ positions and two wins in it’s first outting. Five new preset programs and now you can adjust the drag brake through the setup switch in 10% increments (OFF-50%). All specs are the same as the original 1.0 version, but you will also be able to take advantage of the Stock Motor Manager for increased speeds.

All v1.5 now include the added ROAR Spec function to comply with the NO timing class. The switch LED will flash at neutral to indicate that 0 timing has been set to the ESC.


The VFS-1 BMC uses KO PROPO’s patented VFS technology.
Five preprogrammed settings
Overheat & Current Overload protection equipped
Motor Limit: 4.5T (with heat sink and fan installed, 2.5T)
Size: 33.4 x 37.0 x 16.8 (mm) Weight: 30.8g
Max Peak Current: 3120A (FET Specifications)
Max Continuous Current: 780A (FET Specifications)

VFS technology allows you to program and fine tune:
Drive frequencies (2KHz~12.0KHz) for 32 throttle steps for more control/efficiency
Brake Frequency (500Hz~2.5kHz) 64 settings
Drag Brake (off~255 step adjustment)
Three battery settings

[NiMh (4C), NiMh (5,6C), LiPo(2S)]For setting help click here.

Optional Items for the VFS-1 BMC
VFS-1 BMC World Spec Kit (Cooling Fan & Heat Sink) #45521

When installed allows the use of up to 2.5T sensored brushless motors.
Increases efficiency of FETs by keeping them cooler.

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