EX-10 Eurus Limited

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EX-10 Eurus Limited (Tx, RF-902S module, KR-409S Rx, Setting module) #80405EX-10 Eurus Limited Mini-Z Set (Tx, RF-902SM module, Setting module) #80406The EX-10 Eurus with the black function buttons and black aluminum steering wheel is available in the two packages listed above. This is a limited run of the transmitters with the blacked out package. Functions are [...]

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BLZ 350

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No.41000 BLZ 350 (ESC only) No.41014 BLZ 350 Set (ESC, 17.5T motor, programmer) The BLZ 350 is a forward/reverse ESC that will work with sensor or sensor-less brushless motors. Easy setup allows for a great cost effective system to get you started in brushless technology.Using the programmer will allow many settings to be changed and [...]

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