2013 Carpet Nats Champions

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This past weekend was the 2013 ROAR Carpet National Championships at Horsham RC in Horsham, PA.KO PROPO drivers Josh Cyrul and Craig Xavier would collect 4 ROAR National titles.Josh Cyrul would set TQ in Modified Touring, 2nd in 13.5 Touring and 4th in 1/12 Modified.Josh would go on to win all three classes, collecting is [...]

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Hard Carrying Case for EX-1 KIY

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No.88810 Hard Carrying Case for EX-1 KIY Protect your investment with our durable case that is unmatched compared to aluminum cases. The hard carrying case for the EX-1 KIY is made in the USA for quality and durability. For right handed use EX-1 KIY only. The case allows for all currently offered steering units to [...]

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