2013 ROAR National Champion & TQ

KO Sweeps top 3 for 1/8th Open @ ROAR Nationals September 9th-22nd was the 2013 ROAR Fuel On-road Nationals hosted by the Greater LA R/C Club. Factory support driver would sweep the podium in 1/8th Open. Mike Swauger took TQ for both 1/8th Open and 1/10 Sedan classes. Mike would finish in 1st for 1/8th Open and 2nd in 1/10th Sedan. Paolo Morganti would finish 2nd in 1/8th Open and 3rd in 1/10th Sedan. Ralph Burch Jr. would take the final spot in 1/8th Open. Mike, Paolo and Ralph all used the EX-1 KIY transmitters and RSx servos.

It was a great weekend of racing and thank you to all the drivers that used KO products at this event.

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