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Kondo Kagaku Co., Ltd.Legacy of KO PROPO
Established in Tokyo, Japan KO PROPO is a family owned and operated private company Kondo Kagaku, Ltd. One of the pioneers in the R/C industry, the founder (Mr. Kondo) produced one of the first wireless remote controls for airplanes in 1945.

Meaning of KO PROPO
KO PROPO comes from two words. The KO comes from the founder’s last name Kondo. PROPO in Japan has the meaning of Proportional systems. Thus creating KO PROPO. The Kondo Kagaku Company has its roots dating from 1945 in the R/C industry. Mr. Kondo is considered one of the founders in the industry and one of the people to push for the Tokyo Hobby Show that is now shown every year in Tokyo Japan. In 1945, he came up with the plans and product of a wireless remote control system for airplanes. A very crude system for today’s standards, but very high tech for its time. Mr. Kondo wanted to show the world his product and thus helped to create the Tokyo Hobby Show. Since then, all KO PROPO products have been made in Japan.

The R/C products that KO PROPO produced were originally designed for air use. Looking into other markets, Mr. Kondo saw the increasing need for land use R/C and this was his next concentration. As of 1988, KO PROPO concentrates on producing products for R/C land use only. Just a little history lesson in R/C.

With the growing world response to KO PROPO products, KO PROPO USA, Inc. was established in 1999 to better serve North and South America.

 In December of 2007 KO PROPO America was established as the new distributor for KO PROPO products. KO PROPO items are now readily available, whereas once it was an exotic item to purchase from someone overseas. Now with greater technology advancements and even greater ideas, KO PROPO products will continue to break the boundaries of your typical R/C car products.