Advantage Capacitor B

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 Advantage Capacitor B (No.45559) was designed for use with brushless ESC's using boost and turbo for 13.5 and 17.5 motors. The discharge rate closely matches the need for these classes to get a faster maximum speed. Get it here. For non-boost classes we recommend using the Advantage Capacitor A.

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Advantage Capacitor A

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Advantage Capacitor A (No.45558) was designed for non-boost brushless spec classes or brushless modified classes with very little turbo. During a race the heat build up in motor and ESC can cause a slower performance in the later half of the race. The effect of the capacitor can help in the suppression of the heat [...]

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RSx one10 Type-S

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RSx one10 Type-S (No.30120) is a new low-profile servo targeting a lower price range but with high performance. The servo can be used at 6v or 7.4v and includes metal gears, heat-sink middle case, core-less motor and dual ball bearings. More info on the servo specs can be found here.

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Servo Wire Black (High Current)

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Exif_JPEG_PICTURE All black servo wire (No.36516) designed with more strands of wire inside each silicone wrap that is capable of handling high voltage while still being very flexible. This accessory is for those looking to complete a clean look for their servo installations. Order here.

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Servo Model Selector

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The Servo Model Selector (No.61029) allows for up to 5 different model pre-set memories stored in the servo to be selected. Servos that are compatible are the RSx/RSx2/BSx2 servos. Creating the pre-sets in the servo can be saved to your servo by using the ICS USB adapter in advance. (BSx Standard and PDS servos are [...]

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BSx2 one10 Grasper

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The new BSx2 one10 Grasper (No.30207) was designed for a great steering feel like tires grasping to the road for 1/10 on-road cars!Using the BSx system, the redesign of the motor drive calculations produced a powerful linear steering feeling. The "Holding Power" was the most important development in this servo to feel the torque when [...]

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Black Servo Lead

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No.36515All black servo lead wire with gold connector is a replacement wire for the RSx 12 servo or for those that are looking for the all black wire look in their cars.

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