RSx one10 Response

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Speed type RSx low profile servo. Change to the gears allows for a quicker response in the specs.Voltage 6.0~7.4V (LiPO, LiFE, NiMH, NiCd)Torque @6V: 96.6oz-in, 7.0Kg-cmTorque @7.4V: 124.2oz-in, 9.0Kg-cmSpeed @6V: 0.09sec @ 60°Speed @ 7.4V: 0.07sec @ 60°Size: 41 x 25.5 x 21mmWeight: 51.0gCoreless MotorDual Ball BearingsHardened Gear PinsAluminum heat sink middle caseGold Plated Servo [...]

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KR-413FH 2.4GHz FHSS

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The KR-413FH receiver has an updated and faster CPU that allows for increase in the processing speed. With the increase in speed allows for quicker corrections and smoother transitioins. When used with the latest EX-1 FHSS system, full benifit of a more linear and quicker response is achieved.Size: 28 x 18.3 x 18.5mmWeight: 7.5gInput: 4.8~7.4VCoaxial [...]

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Hard Carrying Case for EX-1 KIY

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No.88810 Hard Carrying Case for EX-1 KIY Protect your investment with our durable case that is unmatched compared to aluminum cases. The hard carrying case for the EX-1 KIY is made in the USA for quality and durability. For right handed use EX-1 KIY only. The case allows for all currently offered steering units to [...]

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EX-1 KIY 2.4GHz System

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KIY CONCEPT (Pat.P)KO PROPO introduces Kustomize It Yourself (K.I.Y.) an interchangeable transmitter. The concept of the new K.I.Y. brings simplicity to customizing and upgrading within a modular system. The new transmitter is composed of 3 modular units: Steering, Throttle and Master units. The three separate modular units can be easily put together, no screws required. [...]

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ICS-USB Adapter HS

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 No.61028ICS-USB Adapter HS (High Speed)USB communication interface for ICS products with communication speeds up to 1.25Mbps. Current ICSsoftware will work with this new adapter. Designed for higher speed with the EX-1 K.I.Y. system. Driver and software info can be downloaded from here . Spec• Size: 52 (including connector) x 15 x 9 mm• Weight: 6.0g• [...]

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