Electrical Switch 2

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No.60228●The CPU powered electronic push switch (ON / OFF) can prevent a GP car's power disconnection caused by momentary overload or loose connectors due to vibration.●Battery indicator equip / 5 LED displays the battery voltage level.●Lipo mode function / Lipo battery voltage falls below 6V, output is cut to prevent over discharge of the battery.

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Aluminum Clamp Servo Horns

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No.36020 Black (2mm thick) No.36021 Ash (2.5mm thick) No.36022 Silver (3.0mm thick)Aluminum clamp servo horns are now available for KO servos (23T). The clamp helps to prevent slipping of teh horn on the servo spline. The inner spline of the horn is cut to match KO's tolerances for the servo spline.

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VFS-1 BMC Mod Version

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VFS-1 BMC Modified Version #40052The new BMC mod version is now available. Used by factory support driver Josh Cyrul to TQ and win the 2010 ROAR Carpet Nationals and IIC for 1/12th modified. Includes external power capacitor, heat sink and fan. More info here .BMC Power Capacitor #45524External power capacitor included with the BMC mod [...]

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EX-10 Eurus Limited

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EX-10 Eurus Limited (Tx, RF-902S module, KR-409S Rx, Setting module) #80405EX-10 Eurus Limited Mini-Z Set (Tx, RF-902SM module, Setting module) #80406The EX-10 Eurus with the black function buttons and black aluminum steering wheel is available in the two packages listed above. This is a limited run of the transmitters with the blacked out package. Functions are [...]

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RSX Series

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For the ultimate racing competition servos we offer the RSx (Racing Servo) Series. These new servos are the product of two years of R&D for both on-road and off-road. The new servo line features all new materials for increased strength and new programming to take advantage of today's current technology. More info >

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Aluminum Wheels

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Two aluminum wheels in either gun metal (16181) or black finish (16182) are now available. Each aluminum wheel comes with center screw, steering sponge and decrease angle spacer. This wheel will fit any KO PROPO transmitter.Also shown are the transmitters installed with gun metal and black function buttons. The buttons can only be installed through [...]

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EX-5 UR 2.4GHz#80098 & #80099KO PROPO America has two new exclusive sets for the North & South American markets. The EX-5 UR 2.4GHz will now be offered with two of the KR-210S (2 channel) receivers (#80098) at a lower cost. The other set includes one KR-210S (2 channel) receiver and one PDS-2511 (digital, metal geared) [...]

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