7.4V Adjuster Connector Type

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 No.36514● RSx series, BSx series servos or any high voltage servo can be used to operate at high voltage in an electric vehicle.● Gold Plated Leads, long positive red wire on lead for most connections.● Connect the red servo lead wire to a Lipo (2S) power source.● By-pass a weak BEC from some speed controllers [...]

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Aluminum Clamp Servo Horns

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No.36020 Black (2mm thick) No.36021 Ash (2.5mm thick) No.36022 Silver (3.0mm thick)Aluminum clamp servo horns are now available for KO servos (23T). The clamp helps to prevent slipping of the horn on the servo spline. The inner spline of the horn is cut to match KO's tolerances for the servo spline.

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Electrical Switch 2

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No.60228● The CPU powered electronic push switch (ON / OFF) can prevent a GP car's power disconnection caused by momentary overload or loose connectors due to vibration.● Battery indicator equip / 5 LED displays the battery voltage level.● Lipo mode function / Lipo battery voltage falls below 6V, output is cut to prevent over discharge [...]

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Silicon Wire

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Colored silicon wire offered in black, pink, green, and yellow. 12 gauge, 13 gauge and 15 gauge is available. 15GA Black/Pink (#75105), 15GA Green/Yellow (#75106), 13GA Black/Pink (#75101), 13GA Green/Yellow (#75102), 12GA Black (#75107), 12GA Pink (#75108), 12GA Green (#75109).

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