BSx (Brushless Servo) series uses a brushless motor to drive the gears in the servo rather than a core or coreless motor. Advantages are smoother movement from center, which allows the servo to be more efficient and more linear in movement feeling.The exact same quality seen in our RSx series has now gone brushless. Full Aluminum Gears made from a special Japanese aluminum.Double ball bearings.Aluminum middle case machined from one piece of aluminum that incorporates the gear pins and motor being held properly in place.

BSx Standard

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No.30200 VOLTAGE: 6V or 7.4VTORQUE @6V:   207 oz-in, 15.0 Kg-cmTORQUE @7.4V:   276 oz-in, 20 Kg-cmSPEED@6V:    0.07 S @ 60°SPEED @ 7.4V:  0.06 S @ 60°BEARINGS: YES, DBLLEAD CONNECTOR: GOLD PLATEDGEARS: FULL METALWEIGHT: 65.6 gSIZE: 41x38x20 mmBased on the successful high-quality RSx series materials is the high end brushless steering servo.  The BSx Standard [...]

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