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VFS_C3VFS-1 C3 (Competition 3) No.40047

The VFS (variable frequency system) technology provides you with the ultimate control in today's electronic speed controllers.

KO PROPO has studied today's batteries/motors and has remapped the amplifier to give the most out of the esc. Standup or laydown style of brush motors will also benefit with the turning off/on the pre-programmed drag brake feature. The current ICS-USB Adapter HS (61028) and the multi setting adapter (61009) are still compatible and are required for programming changes.

Features adjustable drive frequencies (0.9-12kHz) for each of the 32 throttle steps, brake frequency, drag brake adjustment, power save feature and throttle response allow for full tuning capabilities. The VFS-1 Pro C3 comes with a 23T motor profile installed, power capacitor and Ultimate booster.

Key Features

• Control method: Changeable control
• The maximum peak current:3120A (FET specs.)
• Continuous, maximum current: 780A (FET specs.)
• Accessory: Ultimate Shotki Diode Single, Ultimate Condenser, 12 GA
• Size: 28.0x25.0x14.4.4mm (size of case)
• 18.8g in weight (The silicon wire excluded)
• Proper power-supply voltage: 4.8-8.4V (4-7 cells)
• Drive frequency: 0.9-12KHz (64 steps)
• Output voltage for receiver: 6V (input 7.2v)
• Output current for receiver: 2A (maximum peak)



VFS-1 BMC v1.5 ROAR Spec No.40051

Version 1.5 of the BMC has proved itself at the ROAR Carpet Nationals with 3 TQ positions and two wins in it's first outting. Five new preset programs and now you can adjust the drag brake through the setup switch in 10% increments (OFF-50%). All specs are the same as the original 1.0 version, but you will also be able to take advantage of the Stock Motor Manager for increased speeds.

All v1.5 now include the added ROAR Spec function to comply with the NO timing class. The switch LED will flash at neutral to indicate that 0 timing has been set to the ESC. If you still want to run timing in the ESC, you can still set the timing function but the LED will not flash at neutral. This makes the ESC versatile for your application that you wish to use it in.


The VFS-1 BMC uses KO PROPO's patented VFS technology.
Five preprogrammed settings
Overheat & Current Overload protection equipped
Motor Limit: 4.5T (with heat sink and fan installed, 2.5T)
Size: 33.4 x 37.0 x 16.8 (mm) Weight: 30.8g
Max Peak Current: 3120A (FET Specifications)
Max Continuous Current: 780A (FET Specifications)

VFS technology allows you to program and fine tune:
Drive frequencies (2KHz~12.0KHz) for 32 throttle steps for more control/efficiency
Brake Frequency (500Hz~2.5kHz) 64 settings
Drag Brake (off~255 step adjustment)
Low Voltage Battery Settings [ LiPO 1S (2.9v, 3.0v, 3.1v), NiMh (4C), NiMh (5,6C), LiPo(2S), LiFE (2S)]
For setting help click here.

Optional Items for the VFS-1 BMC

BMC World Spec Kit

ICS-USB Adapter HS (High Speed)