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RSx3 is the next evolution in the RSx series of servos. Taking the current RSx2 format and increasing the feeling with the added HCS functionality to achieve a linear feel and response. Best settings for use have also been added to the 5 model memories in each servo.


HCS (High speed Communcation System) is the new high speed communication system between the receiver to the servo. The HCS mode shortens communication time of the signal which is compressed. HCS compatible servos change the mode automatically by signal from receiver. So HCS compatible servos can use with all receivers. If you want to use the servos with HCS, please use with a HCS compatible receiver.

RSx3 Response H.C. No.30121
RSx3 Power H.C. No.30122
RSx3 one10 Flection No.30130
RSx3 Response No.30123
RSx3 one10 Flection Type-T No.30133
RSx3 one10 Ver.D No.30131
RSx3 Power No.30124
RSx3 one10 Ver.D Lite No.30134
RSx3 one10 Response No.30125
RSx3-12 No.30126
RSx3-12 World Spec Version No.30127
RSx3-12 H.C. No.30129
RSx3-12 GT Version No.30128