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Race Winning Performance Servos.

Experience the difference in response and control by choosing from the PDS series range of servos.

Choosing the right servo for your needs.

Chose from new PDS-2531 (speed type) or PDS-2532 (torque type) of servos that feature a color specific LED that fits your application. We also offer a 1/12th scale servo PDS-951 that is LiPo ready.

For discontinued servos click here.

PDS-2531 ICS LED Blue No.30057
PDS-2531 ICS LED Red No.30058
PDS-2531 ICS LED Yellow No.30059
PDS-2532 ICS LED Blue No.30060
PDS-2532 ICS LED Red No.30061
PDS-2532 ICS LED Yellow No.30062