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Here you will find ring tone melodies that you can download into your EX-10 Helios or Esprit III Universe. This will require the use of the I.C.S. communication adapter and the PC interface. If you do not have the PC interface you can still read the notes and input them directly into your Helios under a custom tone.If you have a ring tone melody that you would like to share, you can submit it and attach your ring tone melody to the email. If you are looking for sheet music or riffs, try looking at

If you have a melody that you would like to submit, click here.

Download Instructions

Click on the name of the melody that you would like. Save this file to your folder as a text file. Next, you will have to open your Helios program. Then, either open an existing file with all of your Helios data or click on NEW in MEMORY [A]. Double click on an empty TONE file.. Click on File OPEN in the bottom left corner and select your downloaded file.

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2 Pac – I Aint Mad at Cha Riff by Mike 81M
AC/DC – A Whole Lot of Rosie Riff
Beatles – Yellow Submarine Riff by Mike 81M
Blink 182 – Man Overboard Riff
Eminem – Whatever You Say I Am Riff
Itchy & Scratch Theme Riff by Mike 81M
Knigh Rider Theme Riff by Mike 81M
Missy Elliot – One Minute Man Riff
Popeye Theme Riff by Mike 81M
Scooby Doo Theme Riff by Mike 81M
Spy Hunter Theme Riff By Mike 81M
Zelda Theme Riff by Mike 81M