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VFS-1 BMC Help Center & Settings

The following setting data are recommendations for tuning your ESC. KO PROPO does not take responsibility for these settings. Proceed at your own risk.

To change the settings, you will need the ICS USB adapter (#61018). If you would like to copy one model memory to another model memory number (ie copy #1 to #4) when using the software, just click on the model number tab and drag it to the model number you would like to copy it to.

Settings: Higher the frequency number, the more run-time, more efficiency and less punch. Lower the frequency number, the less run-time, less efficiency and more punch.

The settings below are general settings for the BMC used for different applications and are a good starting point. You will probably have to adjust them to your conditions. To save the file, right click on your mouse and select SAVE Target AS..

Factory Default

Touring 5-6 Cells - each model has a different profile

1/12th Mod - each model has a different drag brake setting

1/12th Stock - each model has a different profile

2WD off-road - each model has a different profile & drag brake setting

4WD off-road - each model has a different drag brake setting

4WD off-road Power - each model has a different drag brake setting

The major update for the version 1.5 is the ability to adjust the drag brake through the setup switch. The supplemental instructions for this version can be found here . There are also 5 new preprogrammed setting in this ESC. A description and guideline for the settings can be found below under the factory default setting.

In addition, you can use the BMC Stock Motor Manager for increased timing when using 10.5T or higher motors. The BMC Stock Motor Manager can be found here in the ICS download page. When turning up the timing past 2, make sure to check your motor and ESC temp so that you do not damage either. Using the increased timing WILL REQUIRE the use of the heat sink and fan. This software can be used with modified motors, but DO NOT turn the timing past 2 or you will damage the ESC and motor. KO PROPO cannot acept any responsibility for damages that may occur due to incorrect settings used by the end user. Please acknowledge this before using this software.

Factory Default

- The initial setting is set to model 2. This the most neutral and linear setting and great for starting to tune your ESC.

- Model 1 is more mild initially then model 2 but still very linear.

- Model 3 is more aggressive initially then model 2 but also still very linear.

- Model 4 has the same start as model 2 but gets more aggressive mid-throttle and then creates more top end past mid-throttle.

- Model 5 is close to model 4 but more aggressive.

ROAR Carpet Nationals '09

-Profile was used for 13.5T to take TQ and the Win by Andrew Ellis.

-Also used by EJ Evans to set TQ and win for RCGT (17.5T).

-Only to be used with version 1.5 of the BMC and the Stock Motor Manager.

Reedy Race of Champions 2009 Modified Settings

-Used by Ralph Burch to set the fastest qualifying time for modified Touring.

2010 ROAR Carpet Nationals & 2010 IIC 1/12th Mod TQ & Champion

-Used by facotry support driver Josh Cyrul to win the above races.

-Profile uses the new BMC 2010 software manager for 1S voltage.

-Must use BMC power cap and modified version of BMC for the best result.

-Can also be used for 1/10th modified but will need to change the voltage cut off setting.