VFS-1 BMCVFS-1 BMC Brushless Motor Controller #40050 (December 8, 2008) 

The VFS-1 BMC uses KO PROPO’s patented VFS technology.
Five preprogrammed settings (Power, Mild, Smooth, Touring Car, Buggy)
Overheat & Current Overload protection equipped
Motor Limit: 4.5T (with heat sink and fan installed, 2.5T)
Size: 33.4 x 37.0 x 16.8 (mm)  Weight: 30.8g
Max Peak Current: 3120A (FET Specifications)
Max Continuous Current: 780A (FET Specifications)

VFS technology allows you to program and fine tune:
Drive frequencies (2KHz~12.0KHz) for 32 throttle steps for more control/efficiency
Brake Frequency (500Hz~2.5kHz) 64 settings
Drag Brake (off~255 step adjustment)
Three battery settings

[NiMh (4C), NiMh (5,6C), LiPo]

Optional Items for the VFS-1 BMC
VFS-1 BMC World Spec Kit (Cooling Fan & Heat Sink) #45521 (December 8, 2008)

BMC fan & heat sinkWhen installed allows the use of up to 2.5T sensored brushless motors.
Increases efficiency of FETs by keeping them cooler.

For setting help click here.

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