ICS-USB Adapter HS


ICS-USB Adapter HS (High Speed)
USB communication interface for ICS products with communication speeds up to 1.25Mbps. Current ICS
software will work with this new adapter. Designed for higher speed with the EX-1 K.I.Y. system. Driver and software info can be downloaded from here .

• Size: 52 (including connector) x 15 x 9 mm
• Weight: 6.0g
• OS: USB 1.1 / 2.0 USB support
• Windows XP or later
• Baud rate: 300bps~1.25Mbps (TTL level)
• Supply voltage: 5V (depending on the connected PC)

Product Contents
• ICS USB adapter
• All connecting wires
• Black and white (2 wire) extension wire (length: 400mm)
• Black, red and white (3 wire) connection wire male/male (length: 100mm)
• Black, red and white (3 wire) connection wire male/female
• “Y” harness extension wire
• Mini-Z MR-03 connection wire

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